Current Activities

• BACKGROUND: Dr. Gary has performed for more than 30 years with many bands in the Sacramento area, such as the Riverbank Blues Band, JM Jazz, and Dr. Bach and his Jazz Practitioners, as well as leading his own bands and combos. He currently performs at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, and has done so since 1979.  He plays clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, and flute. Dr. Gary is a gold card member of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society. He is also very active in the Sacramento Banjo Band as a performer (clarinet) and sound engineer.  He also is a member of Dr. Bach and his Jazz Practitioners, a very popular Sacramento Jazz band.

• BANDS AVAILABLE: The groups below are comprised of well-known, professional musicians from Northern California. We have complete and contemporary sound reinforcement equipment. CD’s are available.

“Norm Gary Combo” – These 2-5 piece combos feature various combinations including clarinet, saxophones, keyboard, banjo, tuba, bass, drums, and vocalists. We play almost any style… gay nineties, favorite standards… Dixieland jazz with male & female vocalists. We have over 1,000 tunes in our repertoire!  We can perform outdoors, indoors, strolling, on stage, in trains, on boats, dinner/dances, parties, wedding receptions…you name it.
He also performs with the Sacramento Banjo Band.