Kim Flottum, Editor Bee Culture Magazine

“This is the easiest to use, most fundamental guide for beginning beekeepers I know of.  All the critical first steps are explained.  If you want to get started with bees, this book is the book for you.  Plus, the ‘fun things to Do with Bees’ chapter is one of a kind!”

Dr. James E. Tew,  The Department of Entomology, The Ohio State University

“Few people are more qualified to write a book explaining the fundamentals of bee biology and hive management than Dr. Norman Gary.  This text is readable and practical, but most of all it is enjoyable.  Due to Dr. Gary’s extensive bee-management skills, both new and experienced beekeepers can profit from the information in this colorful text.  This is a solid how-to book that I could recommend to any beekeeper.”

Susan M. Brackney, author of Plan Bee:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Hardest-Working Creatures on the Planet.
“Dr. Gary’s fascination with the honey bee and his extensive beekeeping experience make this an engaging and indispensable read.  Honey Bee Hobbyist will surely save beginning beekeepers a few stings!”

Randy Oliver,

Now retired from an illustrious career as a bee researcher, educator, and Hollywood ‘bee wrangler’, Norm has condensed his vast knowledge, experience, and fascination with the honey bee into an easy-to-read handbook, appropriate for the total novice but with enough depth for the intermediate beekeeper….I highly recommend this book for the beginning beekeeper!”

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