Professional Bee Wrangler (Stunt Performances)

I wrangled bees as a stunt man in virtually every imaginable environment for more than 40 years. I trained bees to perform almost any activity – and on cue – for action bee scenes in18 movies and 6 commercials and appeared as a guest on more than 70 TV shows. (see filmography). These educational and entertaining TV shows were enjoyed by millions of viewers, and widely acclaimed by the entertainment world.

I also performed live shows. I created the “Thriller Bee Show”, with the premier performances at Knott’s Berry Farm, in a mobile climate-controlled stage that I designed. It accommodated 100,000 bees for each show. I performed hundreds of shows at fairs, festivals, and schools in several western states. The most spectacular live performances in my career involved clustering a million bees on 6 UC Davis cheerleaders in a pyramid formation as well as wrangling bees for 3 successful Guiness World records.